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European Backers

Is with our hearts broken that we say that some European backers and backers from the rest of the world have not got their machines yet. We are sorry for making you wait for so long. We are also sorry for having made deadline promises we couldn't keep. As a startup and naive revolutionaries, we have learned a lot in this journey, we have learned - the hard way - that the path to changing coffee is way more complicated than we thought. But we know that in the path to growth we have to be humble and admit our mistakes and be transparent to our peers. After all we have shared this dream about changing coffee for more than 4 years.
If you live in Europe and have not received a machine, we will keep you updated about your machine through your registered email address. For the moment, we are sorry to say that due to operational miscalculations and we haven't been able to fulfil all EU orders. Unfortunately, we don't currently have machines in our stock in the EU specifications and voltage and cannot promise any delivery date yet.

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