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How does Bonaverde help coffee growers, farmers and processors?

Like with many other farmers in commodity industries, coffee producers do not receive sufficient recognition or income for a sustainable living. For instance, there are so many links in the supply chain from coffee crop to cup, that there is still virtually no added incentive for farmers to supply organic or 'normal' coffee, despite the obvious fact organic farms essentially cost more to run.

However from a demand perspective, we know that there certainly exists a market of consumers whoare more inclined to support or consume coffee sustainably -- just look at the Fair Trade or Organic Coffee movements! So with the Bonaverde platform we aim to improve on this principal so as to ensure coffee producers receive a higher portion of profits, so they can live sustainably.

We aim to achieve this through enabling Direct Trade -- the shortening of the supply chain from crop-to- cup by using technology to remove obsolete links out coffee supply. We want to give our handpicked growers/farmers a face, the skills and ability to brand and market themselves -- not unlike other

beverages, such as the approach taken by a winery or whiskey brand -- so that not only does the true value, the nuances, uniqueness, and the artform which the farmer is imparting into his specialty-grade crop is captured and communicated, but moreso that they are also justly rewarded for their incredible efforts. Finally, our goal will be to one day use our technology to pay these farmers a proportional value of the cup of coffee, the beverage, rather than the value of an equivalent volume green beans.

As such, we are proud to showcase our farmers and help them become a brand. Its more about being fairer than Fair Trade, it's more about an eye-to-eye approach and mutual respect, so we support these good farmers who supply us with such special coffee -- we are proud to pay at least 25% more of the market value to our farmers.

Who Are The Coffee Farmers Bonaverde Works With?

We work with many farmers from all over the world.

When we first started we worked with three grower partners in Nicaragua to supply coffee to our customers, each of whom you can find in our digital Coffee Concierge.

Since then, we have continued to source coffee and support their projects from Bonaverde offices.

In line with our Direct Trade mandate, we have also established partnerships, such as the one with Genuine Origin, in the US, to ensure we provide only the highest quality green coffee beans sourced from small growers who are being paid above market for their crops. These partners serve to work synergetically within the supply chain -- educating farmers about sustainable business practices, and linking them directly to a platform such as the Bonaverde Berlin.

Check out our full selection of beans and the farmers behind them here.

If you wish to become one of our farmers please send us one email at support@bonaverde.comtelling us a little bit more about your coffee and we will get in touch.

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