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My machine shows red light , 2 beeps and makes grinder noise.


Red Light + grinder noise = That seems to be green beans on the grinder

Please try these instructions to fix the jammed grinder:

a. Remove the power plug from the machine. Remove the water tank, grinder & filter drawers, and carafe.

b. Turn your machine upside down, take a little peak into the grinder section.

c. Make sure no beans are inside the grinder (using a vacuum cleaner can certainly help!)

d. Turn the grinder wheel (located behind where the water tank normally sits) all the way to the left -- the coarsest setting (showing the large circle logo)

e. Run the "Grind Only" or "Grind & Brew" only command or using your grind and brew card. By this point, the grinder should not sound jammed any more, so listen out and repeat these processes if need be.

Hope these tips helped you get your machine back to work but if you still have the red light after all this you will have to send your machine for maintenance. Once we receive your machine we will be able to see if it was a misuse error or a machine error. All machine errors within warranty will be fixed free of charge (in this case we will refund your maintenance package purchase).

You can buy your maintenance package here.

If none of these remedies works, please contact the support team


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