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Will it be possible to customize roasting profiles?

Is it Possible to Customize Roasting Profiles?

Yes. We're constantly coming up with new ways for you to enjoy your coffee. Right now we're developing features that will allow you to adjust existing roasting profiles, create and store personal roast profiles, exchange recipes with other Coffee Changers, and find profiles created by professional roasters - all through your smartphone.

At present, you can adjust the existing roasting profile of a coffee pouch through the Coffee Concierge chatbot. Besides roasting, you can also play around with other flavour adjusting parameters, such as the grinder coarseness/fineness, making your own coffee blends, and of course the degree of water dilution you choose in your brew.

What Parameters Are Contained In The RFID Chip?

The RFID chip contains a unique serial number for the coffee you're about to prepare. This serial number is associated with a range of information in our Coffee Cloud, including the ideal roasting curve for the bean. When you scan the RFID chip, it sends the number to the Coffee Cloud, which then tells the machine what temperature to use at various stages of the roasting process. It does not contain grinder settings - you set those yourself using the adjustment dial behind the water tank!

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